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The story of Salt + Olive Board Co.

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Michelle hangs up the phone and the next morning tells Zo that she's filed for an LLC and Salt + Olive Board Co. is born!

To be honest, no one was that surprised, the idea, the inception had been following us for quite a while. 

Each time we got together, every conversation, each shopping trip, every shared shift, every bottle of wine led us back to Salt + Olive.

Hailing from widely differing backgrounds, we bring diversity and a variety of perspectives to the table, or board if you will!

Michelle, a country girl from Tennessee at heart, and

Zo, raised in the cultural melting pot that is London.

What we both find mildly amusing is that Michelle can't eat too much cheese and Zo doesn't eat too much meat, we're what you call, co-dependent, but we'd much rather refer to it as a "Dream Team"!

We trust each other's judgements and have a great synergy when we're in the zone setting up events. 

Being a part of life's celebrations is an honor and let's face it, it's so much fun!

Michelle has the lead on all things technical. She is a website wiz. However, if shopping were an Olympic sport, there is no doubt Zo would bring back the gold!

We get excited about olive wood boards, Tete De Moine cheese, a visit to the Russian Deli, conversations about Iberico Ham, marinating olives, dehydrating blood oranges, propagating rosemary bushes to name a few. We are the biggest food nerds....and we make no apology!

Sometimes, all you need is a friendship, a passion, a plan and a dream. The best things in life are simple, yet something to treasure and savor. To gather around a beautifully crafted charcuterie board full of wonderful ingredients, to raise a glass to family and friends, to make memories, that, in its simplest form is what we want to share with you.     



                                      Zo + Michelle

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