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Serves as a side to any of our boards.

Wow all of your guest with a beautifully displayed dip accompanied by a variety of curide`s.

We offer a selection of Hummus or rich creamy Spinach. 

The Dip Board

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  • The Dip Board is approximately 11” x 16"

    Our Spinach and Hummus Dip with fresh crudités is as delicious as it is pretty!  Creamy and cheesy, our spinach dip is served in a bread bowl and can be served hot or cold.  Our delicous Hummus is served in a serving bowl with crudités served on the side perfectly compliment both, making a wonderful side to your charcuterie board.  

    Crudités generally include broccolini, carrots, radishes, English cucumber and a variety of other fresh veggies.  These could be substitued with like items due to availability.

    Please allow 48 hours for Salt + Olive to assemble the boards.

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